Large scale Earthworks

Large Scale Earthworks

This is our core business and strength. Through careful analysis of the ground conditions, expert planning and execution you are right to partner with us for the largest and most complex earthworks. 

On one proejct from 2012-2015, we excavated over 36,000,000 m3 of hard rock material over a 3 year period. Then processed the material and reclaimed over 20 km2 of new land. The sheer size and scale of this project makes it our flagship project and we are proud to have been able to support such a prestigious project.

We employ state of the art techniques that enable it to tackle the extremely hard ground conditions that we faced. At the time of the works we brought in a 250ton excavator, which is the largest of its kind in the country to comfortably achieve these high production rates.

Mining 1

Mining and Quarrying

Having operated a major Quarry in Musandam, Oman from 2006 to 2012 and currently operating a Limestone Quarry in Wülfrath, Germany, the team understands the challenges of a major mining operation. We have the equipment to drill, clear and pre-strip, remove top soil as well as build access and haul roads to make the management of mine site efficient.

Coastal Protection

Coastal Protection

Having worked for many years as one of the preferred suppliers to some of the major dredging companies in the world it is only natural that we a leader in the installation of various types of coastal protection such as rock revetment and Acropod installation.

Over the years we have installed hundreds of kilometres of coastal protection. We employ specialist equipment for such installations. There are multiple long reach configurations available on the larger excavators and using a combination of rock buckets and grabs as well as highly trained and skilled operators we are seen as a market leader in this field. The jewel in the crown of the fleet for revetment installation are the two 280 ton equilibrium cranes that can be deployed across the globe and are capable of installing up to 10 ton rocks at a reach of 40m. The installed GPS equipment can ensure the accuracy of the placement to allow execptional performance.



When doing the earthworks for major road projects then precision is critical. It is important that material is excavated, sorted and processed to the correct grade and then upon laying the material the tolerances are narrow. It is for that reason that on its graders and bulldozers, we install state of the art GPS equipment to enable minimal margins of error and tolerances of just a few centimeters.

Material Processing

Material Processing

Crushing and screening is an integral part of many earthworks projects and that is why we use our own equipment to carry out this work. Being central to many road and reclamation works, we understand that it is important to have the capability for material processing in house. Whether it is processing for general fill, selected fill or engineered fill. We have the experience to be able to produce all types of compliant road and sub base.

Processing of material can be a complex operation as it is important to understand the nature of the material you are processing as well as the outputs required. This will enable you to minimise any waste material and thus keep the project costs lower than they would otherwise be without the careful planning beforehand



All types of demolition require the strictest levels of HSE to ensure that everyone gets home safe at the end of the shift. Our engineers can assist in planning your demolition works to include, hazardous waste identification and removal (e.g Hydrocarbon contaminated ground, Asbestos containing materials) Detailed method statements can be prepared to ensure client satisfaction as well as safe effective execution of the works.

Reclamation 1


Like Roadworks, reclamation work also requires precision and accuracy in the placement of the various layers. The Quality control in this discipline is important to ensure that the finished ground is suitable for the future planned developments. Reclamation work is carried out by placing material in 20 cm layers so it requires excellent precision that is afforded by using GPS graders and bulldozers.

The compaction of the ground after it has been placed is also critical. Depending on the finished area, the ground is usually compacted to either 95 or 98% of relative density, therefore the compaction technique and testing is critical.

One of our strengths is the ability to deploy a dedicated laboratory onsite for larger projects. We have our own complete QA/QC team deployed to site to ensure prompt testing and allow for large areas to be reclaimed. On one of our recent projects we conducted 500 tests per day which allowed us to reclaim 50,000 m3 of land daily. The coordination between all departments is crucial to enable this type of production rate to be achieved.

landfill construction

Landfill Construction

In recent years the importance of safe landfill construction has become ever more pressing. Within the group we have extensive experience in the design, construction and management of various types of landfill from non-hazardous to hazardous. In the past municipal dumping sites were a major health hazard. How, with new technologies, it is possible to construct new built areas that can be made useful for things like renewable energy creation, whether that be through installation of solar panels or even biogas power generation.

Soli Decontamination

Soil Decontamination

As cities grow and expend we increasingly see land being rezoned from old industrial zone to new residential and commercial areas. It is imperative that these old sites are full remediated prior to the new construction. We have capabilities to be able to treat and remediate the ground to ensure it is free from potentially harmful contaminants. The type of solution depends on the level of contamination and we can employ a range of solutions to meet the requirement.

Equipment rental

Heavy Equipment Rental

Where we are not acting as a Main or Sub Contractor on a particular project, sometimes customers require some additional assistance to help complete their works.
We have a large and diverse fleet of equipment and are also able to rent equipment into projects. This can assist customers to reduce their capital expenditure on a job or to provide a needed boost to production.
Our customers know that with us, they are getting a strong reliable partner for their project and someone who will listen to and understand their issues to work and prepare the optimal solution for the job.