Recycling Bins

Recycling efforts on a demolition site

Our demolition activities under the contract Demolition Works and Site Clearance of Doha Port, Qatar generate a lot of different waste streams. While demolishing large warehouses and former support facilities, we have to deal with large quantities of construction waste like metals, concrete, insulation material etc.

Demolition is one thing, segregating and recycling the created waste is an entirely different matter altogether.

Several initiatives have been put in place to increase our compliance to our corporate waste management approach:

  • Waste minimization related to waste avoidance,
  • Reduction,
  • Reuse,
  • Resource recovery 
  • Recycling to minimize the amount of waste requiring treatment and disposal.

The different metals are carefully segregated according to type and quality and sold for reuse or recycling, insulation panels are manually separated to generate 2 separate waste streams (insulation material and metal protection sheets), and concrete is crushed according to quality standards for reuse.

All these efforts could be implemented thanks to the full commitment and innovative approaches of our people on site! Our office staff cannot stay behind of course! On all our sites in Qatar the staff is also involved in the waste management efforts of the company.

In the offices, all metal cans, plastic bottles and paper is strictly segregated from food waste and collected by a specialized recycling company.

This practice might seem evident but requires serious changes in waste management mentality and vision due to for example cultural differences in practices and the lack of appropriate waste facilities. Step by step we aim to reduce our waste generation activities and our waste disposal rate to a minimum. And maybe, just maybe, one day, we can work waste free.